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Le vernis Lascaux acrylique transparent mat/brillant ou satiné convient tout particulièrement pour la peinturte acrylique, les impressions mumériques, la dorure, les objets d'art. Ce vernis s'utilise aussi pour l'encollage du bois, des panneaux  dérivés du bois.
Musou Black is a water-based acrylic paint that can absorb up to 99.4% of visible light, making it the blackest paint in the world. It has never been easier to achieve an ultra-black, ultra-matte surface!
The Rive Gauche Sennelier oil paint is an etude oil paint with a strong luminosity and a very studied price. Its composition ensures a faster drying and brilliant color effects in 60 shades.
The oil stick is a transposition of oil paint. A part of the oil has been substituted by a neutral mineral wax to give it the appearance of a stick. These colors are of an extra-fine quality: the pure pigments are crushed with vegetable oils (siccatives), selected for their weak yellowing in time.
Sennelier varnishes for paintings allow to protect a work of art from natural and chemical aggressions. They give it a uniform matte, satin or glossy appearance.
Sennelier watercolor paint
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In its quest for excellence, SENNELIER has developed a watercolor that contains more honey to improve the durability of the colors and give them even more brilliance and luminosity.
The Sennelier Extra Fine Oil Colors are elaborated with the greatest technicality and the respect of the tradition. This range is suitable for both classical and modern painting techniques.
Kama Pigments' oil sticks are made from walnut oil and natural waxes. These oil sticks do not contain any solvents.
The "New Age" range of painting knives will bring you spontaneity and will advantageously replace the brush. Thanks to the variety of shapes and the use of new production technologies, the "New Age" painting knife becomes indispensable.
Working with Schmincke pastels leads you back to the origin of colour. Our round sticks consists only of the finest artists’ pigments (without chalk!) and a minimum amount of binder. The binder content is so small that the medium-find ground pigments only just achieve a stable bond.   
Sennelier varnishes for paintings allow to protect a work of art from natural and chemical aggressions. They give it a uniform matte, satin or glossy appearance.
The Solid Marker is ideal for writing on many materials: glass, metal, wood, cardboard, paper... Permanent ink 0 toxic, water resistant, opaque. Weatherproof and UV resistant.
A smooth and homogeneous texture, rich and vibrant colors, fresh and intense tones, a texture close to oil paint: Sennelier extra-fine acrylics are designed for artists who seek a wide variety of renderings with a single paint
This is the poster colour that has been produced in the same tradition since the company was founded.
NICKER poster colour is made with pure arabic gum as the binder. Compared to dextrin, which is normally used, you can feel a remarkable smooth spread. In addition, it can be used for various watercolour techniques with little side effects due to the manufacturing method with no excess additives. It is a versatile paint that can be used as both an opaque and transparent watercolour.
Aqua Drop is a liquid watercolor ink, based on pigments, with a strong resistance to light, detachable, ready to use and water-soluble. Schmicke Aqua Drop ink is ideal for watercolor painting, lettering, airbrushing, calligraphy, urban drawing...
Le vernis MSA (Mineral Spirit Acrylic) avec UVLS (brillant, satiné, mat) est un système de résine acrylique à base de d'essence minerale qui forme un film plus résistant et moins perméable que les vernis acryliques en phase aqueuse et peut être appliqué sur des surfaces peintes à l'acrylique, à l'huile et à l'alkyde.
Un marqueur de craie grasse qui fonctionne même dans les conditions les plus extrêmes ! La texture crémeuse du Molotow Scrawl Stick adhère même sur les surfaces mouillées : un atout de taille pour le tag, le graffiti, et le marquage industriel.
The creamy consistency and exceptional coloring power of Sennelier's extra-fine gouaches allow for regular flat tints. Widely used by Sonia Delaunay, this range is intended for painters, designers, model makers and publicists.
The Sennelier mastic varnish is a very beautiful varnish with an incomparable shine. It is an old fashioned varnish 100% with Chios putty.
Abstract Sennelier is a high coverage, glossy acrylic paint for almost any surface. High quality pigments are used to produce intense colors. Thanks to the transparent plastic packaging, the paint can not only be used without leaving residues, but it is also stored safely and airtight. This also makes it particularly easy to transport.