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Le vernis Lascaux acrylique transparent mat/brillant ou satiné convient tout particulièrement pour la peinturte acrylique, les impressions mumériques, la dorure, les objets d'art. Ce vernis s'utilise aussi pour l'encollage du bois, des panneaux  dérivés du bois.
BLOCKX extra-fine honey watercolor is made "the old-fashioned way" in Belgium from the best ingredients, which gives it an exemplary transparency, luminosity and power of tone.
The 72 shades are available in our Quai Voltaire store in half-cups, giant cups, and in our three stores in various metal boxes and cases.
Engrave your own printing stamps and experiment with all kinds of printing techniques with this flexible and durable material. MasterCut is extremely easy to handle and engrave.
Charbonnel's range of etching inks is formulated with pigments following their lightfastness criteria in order to obtain a quality that meets our customers' expectations and a balanced range of shades. This range brings power, ease of wiping and a lightfastness that guarantees the durability of the work.
Old fashioned painter's blouse 100% cotton waterproof to work in the workshop without staining.