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Developed by professional printmaker, Susan Rostow, Akua Inks offer artists an unprecedented printmaking experience.
The Lefranc Bourgeois FLASHE color palette now features a wider spectrum of shades, opacities and sizes with 76 solid colors, 6 new iridescent colors, in addition to the iconic fluorescents.
Kama Oil Paint is formulated to provide the artist with color in its purest state. Each color is individually formulated with pigments chosen for their fineness, brightness and stability, until the optimum saturation of each color is achieved.
Le vernis Lascaux acrylique transparent mat/brillant ou satiné convient tout particulièrement pour la peinturte acrylique, les impressions mumériques, la dorure, les objets d'art. Ce vernis s'utilise aussi pour l'encollage du bois, des panneaux  dérivés du bois.
Made in Britain from the finest leather, the luxury storage has been thoughtfully designed and carefully handcrafted, providing the ideal way to keep and transport treasured art materials for ease of drawing at home, in the studio and on location.
Available in smooth heritage tan leather, the suede-lined luxury pencil wrap offers a unique interior strap with brass stud, folded side aprons to safely accommodate 24 pencils of any size, secure integral pocket for accessories and brass buckle closure.
Charbonnel's range of etching inks is formulated with pigments following their lightfastness criteria in order to obtain a quality that meets our customers' expectations and a balanced range of shades. This range brings power, ease of wiping and a lightfastness that guarantees the durability of the work.
The aqua-LINOPRINT colors are water-based, contain natural binders such as gum arabic as well as organic and inorganic pigments. The Schmincke color range for linocuts consists of 
15 brilliant colors, metallic effect colors (gold, silver and copper), as well as 3 special mediums and 1 cleaner.
BLOCKX extra-fine honey watercolor is made "the old-fashioned way" in Belgium from the best ingredients, which gives it an exemplary transparency, luminosity and power of tone.
The 72 shades are available in our Quai Voltaire store in half-cups, giant cups, and in our three stores in various metal boxes and cases.