The history of Caran d'Ache dates back to 1915. Initially known as "la Fabrique Génoise de Crayons", it was renamed "Caran d'Ache" in 1924 by its director at the time, Arnold Schweitzer. The name derives from the Russian word "karandach", meaning "pencil". This choice reflected the brand's desire to establish itself in the world of fine art. Today, Caran d'Ache is one of the world's leading pencil brands. Caran d'Ache is a family business based in Switzerland, dedicated to preserving precious technical know-how.

When he founded the Lascaux company, Alois K. Diethelm set himself a goal: to manufacture acrylic artist's colors that meet the exacting demands of professional painters.

  Over the past 30 years, under the leadership of Barbara Diethelm, herself an artist, Lascaux has maintained a long tradition of craftsmanship, while continuing to create innovative products and remaining true to its commitment to uncompromising quality. As a result, the company has grown to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of paint colors and auxiliaries. Today, Lascaux offers 12 ranges of colors, all developed and manufactured in its Swiss factory in the heart of Europe.

The story of Ruscombe Paper Mill began in the UK in 1989  with Christopher Bingham. He was a mechanical engineer, and during a family visit to the Wookey hole caves he stumbled across a small paper mill. A new passion was born. In 1995, the factory was relocated to Margaux-Cantenax in France. In 2010, Christopher Binghan passed on his manufacturing secrets to Frédéric Gironde. 

New product

Lascaux - The spirit of Colours

Lascaux Artist acrylic paint is a range of acrylic colors for artists of excellent quality, characterized by its pasty consistency. It lends itself to all painting techniques, both indoors and outdoors. The 54 shades, miscible in them, constitute a complete range. The quality of Artist Lascaux acrylic paint is such as to satisfy the most demanding artist.
Lascaux Studio acrylic paint is the universal acrylic color for art, design and decoration. It can be applied without streaking and is ideal for large-scale works of art, including murals. The range includes 50 shades with optimal coverage.
Le vernis Lascaux Uv protect est d'emploi universel. Ce vernis conditionné en aérosol est fabriqué à base de solvant et offre une protection efficace contre les uvs.
Le vernis Lascaux acrylique transparent mat/brillant ou satiné convient tout particulièrement pour la peinturte acrylique, les impressions mumériques, la dorure, les objets d'art. Ce vernis s'utilise aussi pour l'encollage du bois, des panneaux  dérivés du bois.
These acrylic paint auxiliaries have the effect of increasing the transparency of the color. They also increase the binder content of highly diluted colors and thus improve the film strength.