Peinture à l'huileSennelier  Couleur huile extra-fine sennelier:blanc de titane
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The Sennelier Extra Fine Oil Colors are elaborated with the greatest technicality and the respect of the tradition. This range is suitable for both classical and modern painting techniques.
Sennelier watercolor paint
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In its quest for excellence, SENNELIER has developed a watercolor that contains more honey to improve the durability of the colors and give them even more brilliance and luminosity.
Musou Black is a water-based acrylic paint that can absorb up to 99.4% of visible light, making it the blackest paint in the world. It has never been easier to achieve an ultra-black, ultra-matte surface!
Ceracolors is waterborne wax-based paint for artists providing a wide range of painting techniques from thick impastos to watercolor-like washes. They are fast-drying colors suitable for all supports used for encaustic painting, yet they do not require any special tools and heated instruments. Use any brush suitable for water-based paint. Once dry Ceracolors can be used in encaustic technique, allowing further sculpting and manipulation of the paint. The ingredients in Ceracolors are found in food and cosmetics so they are not considered to be toxic.
Iken natural charcoals are made in the land of the rising sun in the tradition by a small craftsman. This range of charcoal is made from different types of wood such as Willow, Walnut, Alder, Hornbeam, Coloquint, Acanthopanax (Japanese andemic shrub), Chestnut, Dogwood, Lime. This unique selection of natural charcoals expands the creative potential of this simple tool from the mists of time.
This is the poster colour that has been produced in the same tradition since the company was founded.
NICKER poster colour is made with pure arabic gum as the binder. Compared to dextrin, which is normally used, you can feel a remarkable smooth spread. In addition, it can be used for various watercolour techniques with little side effects due to the manufacturing method with no excess additives. It is a versatile paint that can be used as both an opaque and transparent watercolour.
Made in the USA by Sandford, the Prismacolor Premier colored pencil is the replacement of the famous Berol KArisma color that disappeared a few years ago. A unique colored pencil that makes drawing a real pleasure.