We have collected for you the most beautiful watercolor boxes, small jewels enamelled in new colors and we have filled them with our special selection of handmade watercolors, in order to offer you a unique and exclusive set.
Horadam's special edition Watercolor "Super Granular Colors" is available in 25 shades in a 5ml tube. These 25 new limited edition shades are divided into four sets "Abyss", "Glacier", "Forest" and "Tundra".
The new Schmincke liquid charcoal enables a clean, dust-free way of painting, charcoal drawing, and underpainting with  charcoal.
Aqua Drop is a liquid watercolor ink, based on pigments, with a strong resistance to light, detachable, ready to use and water-soluble. Schmicke Aqua Drop ink is ideal for watercolor painting, lettering, airbrushing, calligraphy, urban drawing...
The Rive Gauche Sennelier oil paint is an etude oil paint with a strong luminosity and a very studied price. Its composition ensures a faster drying and brilliant color effects in 60 shades.
Abstract Sennelier is a high coverage, glossy acrylic paint for almost any surface. High quality pigments are used to produce intense colors. Thanks to the transparent plastic packaging, the paint can not only be used without leaving residues, but it is also stored safely and airtight. This also makes it particularly easy to transport.
In its quest for excellence, SENNELIER has developed a watercolor that contains more honey to improve the durability of the colors and give them even more brilliance and luminosity.
The Raphael Precision Watercolor Brush is an imitation sable brush designed for all artists looking for an ultra-precise brush. It has all the qualities of sable with a very good quality/price ratio
Old fashioned painter's blouse 100% cotton waterproof to work in the workshop without staining.