Encre dessin et calligraphie

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Encre dessin et calligraphie
China ink "à la Pagode" avaible in bottles, in deep black and indelebile. Of exeptional density and light stability, it is used by drawing artists and painters.
Rohrer drawing ink is a range of inks developed in cooperation with the company H. Schmincke & Co. and consists of 24 color shades.
The pigments used are lightfast and have a wide range of colors. The pure acrylate used as a binder is colorless, colorfast and non-yellowing.
Rohrer Traditional Ink is a range of 18 colors that combines decades of experience in ink production with high quality raw materials and innovative production processes.
Aqua Drop is a liquid watercolor ink, based on pigments, with a strong resistance to light, detachable, ready to use and water-soluble. Schmicke Aqua Drop ink is ideal for watercolor painting, lettering, airbrushing, calligraphy, urban drawing...