Sennelier watercolor paint
  • Sennelier watercolor paint
  • Sennelier watercolor paint
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Sennelier watercolor paint

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Magasin Sennelier ,
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Information: In its quest for excellence, SENNELIER has developed a watercolor that contains more honey to improve the durability of the colors and give them even more brilliance and luminosity.

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Sennelier Watercolor with honey of the impressionists

This extra-fine Sennelier watercolor range contains high quality pigments and a binder based on gum arabic from Kordofan in Sudan. These two carefully selected ingredients ensure an impeccable quality during the application and allow to realize beautiful watercolors using the wet-on-wet technique. With this extraordinary high quality honey-based watercolor you give even more power to your work by the vividness and purity of the color tones.

Technical Characteristics

  • High quality gum arabic binder
  • Honey from Brittany
  • 98 pure and luminous tones
  • Available in half cups, cups, 10 ml and 21 ml tubes
  • Made in France 

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