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The Mars Lumograph pencil is a high quality graphite pencil for writing, technical and artistic drawing on paper and matte film.
Made in the USA by Sandford, the Prismacolor Premier colored pencil is the replacement of the famous Berol KArisma color that disappeared a few years ago. A unique colored pencil that makes drawing a real pleasure.
The Museum watercolor pencil is not a watercolor pencil but watercolor in pencil form. Developed and produced in the Caran d'Ache workshops in Geneva in close collaboration with watercolorists.
For specialists, a range of blacks, from the hardest to the softest. Caran d'Ache Graphwood pencils offer the most complete palette of graphite leads. The varnish that covers each pencil faithfully recalls the graduation and depth of black.
The supracolor watercolor pencil is not a superior quality watercolor pencil. Developed and produced in the Caran d'Ache workshops in Geneva in close collaboration with watercolorists.
Pitt pastel pencils are used by artists as an ideal complement to dry pastels for drawing the finest details. Thanks to their pencil shape, they are also very popular with anyone who doesn't like dusty hands.
The innovative Pitt Graphite Matt has been specially developed to reduce light reflections on the paper and to create maximum depth effect by varying the degrees of hardness.
The Luminance 6901® colored pencils, which Caran d'Ache has designed in its Geneva Manufacture especially for color image professionals, reaffirm the House's high standards in terms of quality. The new leads are intended for works intended for exhibitions, collections and museums.
Graphitint is an exciting range of tinted, water-soluble graphite pencils that combine the drama and creativity of graphite with a hint of soft, subtle colour.
Every pencil is made of graphite and wood. Only Blackwing pencils combine the best graphite in the world, the best wood in the world, and generations of craftsmanship to create an exceptional pencil.
Derwent Inktense Pencils are the best water-soluble pencil ever! You can use them dry but mix them with water and the colour turns into vibrant ink. Once it’s dry the colour is fixed and because its permanent it’s great for using on fabric such as silk and cotton.
Lyra Groove Triple 1 is the 3-in-1 colored pencil with a large diameter lead. It is a colored pencil with a bold lead that turns into a watercolor if you moisten its lines with a brush. 
If you like the natural look of wood, Lyra Color Giants Nature is perfect for you with its large hexagonal barrel. The colors are highly pigmented, with a 6.25 mm lead that is ultra resistant and unbreakable.