Watrcolor painting

Watrcolor painting
Sennelier watercolor paint
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In its quest for excellence, SENNELIER has developed a watercolor that contains more honey to improve the durability of the colors and give them even more brilliance and luminosity.
SCHMINCKE's HORADAM® extra-fine watercolor is the flagship of the iconic German brand that has put all its expertise and rigor into offering an exceptional product. In 2017, for its centenary, the HORADAM® range has been further perfected and expanded to 140 shades! Available in our Quai Voltaire store in half-cups and in various metal boxes and cases in our three stores.
The new Schmincke liquid charcoal enables a clean, dust-free way of painting, charcoal drawing, and underpainting with  charcoal.
Gansai and Teppachi watercolor are made by thoroughly mixing natural hight-quality starch and nikawa glue with the synthétic colorant used in Suihi and tubed pigments.
Modern Watercolors. The unique formulation of QoR Watercolors accentuates the luminosity and brilliance of pigments even after drying. QoR provides the subtlety, transparency and flow of a great watercolor, with colors that have as much vibrancy and fire as the best acrylic or oil paint.
BLOCKX extra-fine honey watercolor is made "the old-fashioned way" in Belgium from the best ingredients, which gives it an exemplary transparency, luminosity and power of tone.
The 72 shades are available in our Quai Voltaire store in half-cups, giant cups, and in our three stores in various metal boxes and cases.
Classic Watercolours by Old Holland are extra fine watercolours made in the Netherlands in the tradition of the old Dutch masters. With the finest ingredients, gum arabic, pure dextrin, and extremely high pigmentation, these high quality watercolors come in a gigantic range of 168 colors. Available in half-godet, 5ml tubes and various boxes only in our Sennelier Frères store, rue de La Grande Chaumière.
Luthea watercolors are made in Belgium from cultivated and handcrafted plants will seduce you with the liveliness of the tones and the quality of the indigo, the campêche, the cosmos, the meadowsweet, the unique beauty of the shades, their own characteristics and their use on the painters' palette will give you the privilege to rediscover and work with a range of rare and distinguished organic watercolors.
Inspired by the traditional tailor’s pencil, the ArtGraf Tailor Shape is.a block of pressed pigment, designed for drawing and watercolor painting.