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Pastel tendre
Working with Schmincke pastels leads you back to the origin of colour. Our round sticks consists only of the finest artists’ pigments (without chalk!) and a minimum amount of binder. The binder content is so small that the medium-find ground pigments only just achieve a stable bond.   
It will take more than 3 years (1904 to 1907) to formulate the range of soft pastels "à l'écu" Sennelier and give birth to one of the longest chromatic ranges of pastels. Over the century, this palette of tones will evolve but the core of its conception will remain unchanged. Several requests from impressionist artists are at the origin of this wide range of pastels with a shield, such as the brown pastels that were created for the painter Edgar Degas.
The quality of Rembrandt soft pastels is the result of close collaboration with with professional artists, combined with traditional handcrafted processes and over a century and over a century of experience in the production of pastels. of pastels. Each color is prepared according to a unique recipe and the and the raw materials used in the preparation of each new batch are rigorously rigorously controlled. 
Rembrandt pastels have been for many years the most Rembrandt pastels have been the most widely used pastels in the world for many years.
PanPastel Colors are professional artists’ quality soft pastel colors packed in a unique pan format (cake-like). Their special qualities mean that artists can blend and apply pastel (dry) color like paint for the first time. You can use PanPastel for painting, drawing and  mixed media.