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Charbonnel's range of etching inks is formulated with pigments following their lightfastness criteria in order to obtain a quality that meets our customers' expectations and a balanced range of shades. This range brings power, ease of wiping and a lightfastness that guarantees the durability of the work.
The AQUA WASH range meets all the criteria of a top-of-the-range etching ink. It has a high pigment concentration, identical to that of conventional inks, allowing the reproduction of all printmaking techniques: direct engraving with burin, drypoint, cradle (black manner), indirect engraving with etching or aquatint, but also monotype and relief engraving techniques such as lino engraving and woodcutting. Aqua Wash ink is water soluble and therefore does not require the use of toxic solvents, but allows you to clean your tools and hands with soapy water.
These ground-breaking inks are made from the highest quality, lightfast pigments, and are complemented by seven modifiers, giving artists the utmost flexibility to experiment with the inks’ viscosity and transparency.
Range of school etching presses for manual chalcographic print, suitable for school use and for beginners. Solid steel rollers adjustable on height. Supplied with metal plate.
Tarlatan is a fine cotton cloth used to wipe the engraving plates.
The drypoint is an indispensable tool for etching and lithography. The drypoint is used to draw fine and precise lines in metal, stone and plastic.

Carborumdum is a silicon carbide powder used for graining lithographic stones but also in engraving.

Lyons tint tools are made of high carbon steel. Lyons mats are flat, round or eliptical. They produce straight lines with a flat or rounded profile.
Lyons square chisels are made of high carbon steel and are factory sharpened, but not honed.
EC Lyons rockers are known worldwide as the best black tools available. By tilting a copper/zinc plate in a criss-cross fashion, they create depressions that trap the ink to produce rich, velvety black tones that are unmatched.
Lyons hand trimmer chisels are made of high carbon steel and are factory sharpened, but not honed.
Lyons lozange chisels are made of high carbon steel and are factory sharpened, but not honed.
The Lyons steel weight attaches to the cradles to add weight to the tool and facilitate the engraver's work.