Gouache SENNELIER    Colors:blanc de titane
  • Gouache SENNELIER    Colors:blanc de titane
  • Gouache SENNELIER    Colors:blanc de titane
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Magasin Sennelier ,
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Information: The creamy consistency and exceptional coloring power of Sennelier's extra-fine gouaches allow for regular flat tints. Widely used by Sonia Delaunay, this range is intended for painters, designers, model makers and publicists.

Sennelier Extra-Fine Gouache

The colors are ground in the traditional way. The range of colors is made with Sennelier extra-fine pigments and ground with a natural resin of the highest quality. Sennelier gouache paints can be applied with a brush, an airbrush and a pen, on most types of thick paper and cardboard. Water soluble, they can be mixed with watercolors and inks to obtain other combinations of opacity and transparency.

Technical characteristics

High quality binder
A deep and velvety matte
Available in 21 ml tube and 200 ml jar
Available in 59 colors

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