Watercolor box 81 /2 pans collection " Quai Voltaire"
  • Watercolor box 81 /2 pans collection " Quai Voltaire"
  • Watercolor box 81 /2 pans collection " Quai Voltaire"
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Watercolor box 8 1/2 pans collection " Quai Voltaire"

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Magasin Sennelier ,
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Information: We have collected for you the most beautiful watercolor boxes, small jewels enamelled in new colors and we have filled them with our special selection of handmade watercolors, in order to offer you a unique and exclusive set.
Couleurs du Quai Voltaire

Quai Voltaire" Collection

The Quai Voltaire Collection is composed of our own selection of 8 half-pieces of handmade extra-fine watercolors that fill a small, practical and elegant oven-enameled metal box that can hold up to 12 half-pieces (you can complete our selection with the colors of your choice, sold separately) and that come in five never-before-seen colors: blue, white (matte), red, green and gold.
Only available in our 3 Sennelier stores in Paris and by mail order.
And to complete the Quai Voltaire Collection, we are in the process of creating for you a unique case for these colorful boxes filled with handmade colors, a linen case and pinch box to carry them with the rest of your material. We'll tell you more soon...

Composition of the set:

Enameled metal box
Linen House
8 1/2 Cups 

Colors of the set:

Genuine Malachite
Genuine Azurite
Genuine Indigo
Genuine Sepia
Eggshell white
Burgundy yellow ochre
Burgundy red ochre
Crimson Alizarin

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