Luthea watercolor  Couleur Luthea:bleu indigo / indigo blue
  • Luthea watercolor  Couleur Luthea:bleu indigo / indigo blue
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Luthea watercolor

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Magasin Sennelier ,
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Information: Luthea watercolors are made in Belgium from cultivated and handcrafted plants will seduce you with the liveliness of the tones and the quality of the indigo, the campêche, the cosmos, the meadowsweet, the unique beauty of the shades, their own characteristics and their use on the painters' palette will give you the privilege to rediscover and work with a range of rare and distinguished organic watercolors.

Luthea organique watercolor

The extra-fine watercolors luthea are from plants cultivated, recycled and gleaned by the artisan Anne Sylvie Godeau. Some plants of international origin, come to complete this range. Each color is made of research and development from the plant production to the grinding of pigments carefully integrated into premium quality binders.


12 colors
Cultivated plants: indigo, cosmos
Gleaned plants: meadowsweet, walnut
Recycled plants: strawberry, solidage, thyme
Historical plants: madder, campêche
An insect: mealy bug

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